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James Baldwin on Rosetta Tharpe

"Harlem is filled with churches and on Sundays it gives the impression of being filled with music. Quartets such as my brothers' travel from church to church in the fashion of circuit preachers, singing as much for the love of singing and the need for practice as for the rather indifferent sums collected for them which are then divided. These quartets have "battles of song," the winning team adding, of course, immensely to its prestige, the most consistent winners being the giants in this field. The aim of all these quartets, of ourse, is to branch out, to hit the big time and sing for a livelihood. The Golden Gate Quartet, judging at least from its music, had its roots here, and out of such a background came Sister Rosetta Tharpe, whom I heard not quite ten years ago, plunking a guitar in a store front church on Fifth Avenue."

Women Play Guitar! - Martha Masters played Guitar Nights - Pasadena CA, at Conservatory of Music

Photo of Muriel Anderson

Above: Muriel Anderson plays a Morris Guitar

Muriel performed recently to mesmerized audiences at Boulevard Music in Culver City, CA and at the Gelencer House Concert in Claremont. Review soon. For her complete concert schedule and reservation information, click here.
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Sharon Isbin

Above: Sharon Isbin

Sharon Isbin received a 2010 GRAMMY AWARD for ‘Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (without orchestra)’ for her CD Journey to the New World (Sony). She is the first guitarist in 43 years to receive a 2nd classical Grammy, and the only classical artist to perform in the 52nd Annual Awards. Born in Minneapolis, Sharon Isbin began her guitar studies at age nine in Italy, and later studied with Andrès Segovia and Oscar Ghiglia. She founded and is director of the Julliard School of Music Guitar Department.
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